7 Chakras for beginners: How to balance your life

A picture showing the position of the 7 ChakrasWhat are the 7 Chakras?

The 7 Chakras, according to Hindu tradition, are wheels of energy within our bodies that directly influence our mental and spiritual well-being. The word Chakra originates from Sanskrit, an ancient language from Eastern India. There are 7 (primary) Chakras. Four in our upper body, overseeing our mental properties, and three in the lower body, which control our instinctive behavior.

Unlike the auras, which are more ethereal, the 7 Chakras interact directly with the physical body via the endocrine and nervous system. In this way, they have a direct impact on our physical being and mental health.  Each of the 7 Chakras has its influence on the mind and body.  To maintain optimal mental and physical health, each Chakra should be balanced.  For a Chakra, balance means that energy can flow through it.  An unbalanced Chakra also referred to as blocked, adversely affects some aspect of physical or mental health.  For instance, the Root Chakra grounds us and connects us to the earth. A blockage in this Chakra could lead to any of the following: a feeling of disconnection from the world, isolation, physical tiredness.

30 Signs of a Blocked Root Chakra 

Read this post, Beginners Chakra Meditation, and Balancing: What is Chakra, for a description of each of the 7 Chakras, their unique aspects, domain in the body and balancing meditation.

Chakra Location

The physical location of each of the 7 Chakra corresponds to major nerve ganglia locations along the spine. Please refer to the above picture.  It is a fascinating thought that these nerve ganglia areas were known by Hindus hundreds of years before Western medicine confirmed the fact.

The posts in this section cover information about each of the seven chakras, beginning from the root chakra and working up the spine until arriving at the crown. It includes the characteristic of each Chakra and negative aspects to be aware of

Helpful Posts and Links

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