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Chakra Test: Learn more about the current state of your Chakras

Why do a Chakra Test? Chakra balancing can be challenging, especially if a number of Chakras are out of balance. This Chakra test will give some insight into the relative strengths and weaknesses of each of your 7 Chakras. The Chakra test consists of 35 questions, 5 for each Chakra.  Try not to over-think the answers, just choose which you feel is most appropriate.  The strength of each Chakra vary day-to-day, depending on your current condition and also be affected by other people (negative and positive), so your answers for any particular question may change.  It is worth coming back to from time-to-time to redo the
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How to Open Your Chakras and Chakra Balancing

Introduction to Chakra Meditation and Chakra Balancing All of the Chakras contribute to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being – see here for some basic information on what the chakras are: Beginners Chakra Meditation and Balancing: What is Chakra. Each Chakra has its unique hand positions, mantras, and meditations that help with opening and balancing the chakra.  You might like to check out Chakra Test: Learn more about the current state of your Chakra your Chakra state. The following pages give basic steps on how to open your chakras, which simple meditations, hand positions, and mantras – start at the Root Chakra, or select directly from the index
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Beginners Chakra Meditation and Balancing: What is Chakra

What is Chakra: Chakra Meditation and Balancing For Beginners What is Chakra? – This is a brief overview of the Chakra system and how the Chakras may be balanced. A belief in the Hindu and yogic traditions, the chakra are seven points along the body that indicate the location of the energy channels within the body. Each of these, in turn, governs various aspects of your personality with the top and final chakra leading to total enlightenment when opened. By practicing chakra meditation with each one, you can begin your path to accessing each level and finding precise chakra balancing. Remember
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