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Mindfulness Exercises: 6 of the best

Introduction to Mindfulness Exercises Mindfulness is not only about meditation, although it is an important part of it. In fact, there are many ways of integrating mindfulness exercises into your daily routine.  Read here for a beginner’s overview: Mindfulness Meditation: A simple guide to how to do it. Like many, when starting mindfulness, I read books and scoured the Internet for information about mindfulness exercises.  There are many resources and techniques, but it can be hard to know which ones to choose.  It is worth taking time over this, as the wrong choice could dissuade you from mindfulness practice. Besides using techniques that work for you, diligent practice is a key
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Mindfulness Meditation: A simple guide to how to do it

What is mindfulness? In the West, Mindfulness is often described as a lifestyle with Mindfulness meditation being one aspect of it.  The meditation part is a Western adaptation of Buddhist Vipassana meditation, and the concept of mindfulness itself is firmly rooted in Buddhist tradition.  An important thing to note is that the Western concept of Mindfulness meditation is non-secular.  Practicing Western style Mindfulness meditation will not interfere with your religious beliefs. Some aspects of Mindfulness: Being non-judgemental Being open-hearted Awareness of  (or being in) the current moment, rather than the future or the past. Gaining greater awareness of ourselves and our lives Responding rather than reacting to
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