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Reiki Symbols: How to use the Reiki harmony symbol

The Reiki Harmony symbol is the second symbol taught during Reiki level 2 training, Reiki Level 2 Training: What to expect and how to prepare – For more information on Reiki symbols, check Reiki Symbols: How they enhance Reiki healing. The symbol, related to mental and emotional balance helps to synchronize both sides of the brain and balance the mind. The first symbol is all about power and energy and works on the physical level.  The Reiki Harmony symbol heals at a deeper level. It enables hidden emotional problems that bubble to the surface. Use of the Reiki Harmony symbols strengthens the link
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How to use the three Level 2 Reiki symbols

Reiki Symbols Usage Each of the three Reiki symbols taught in level 2 has its nature and usage. But, there are common methods to invoke the symbols. The symbols help to focus Reiki energy but have no power without the user having been attuned and trained in their use. Sacred Reiki Symbols Your Reiki master will probably request that you do not to reveal the symbols to outsiders. For this reason, consider learning the symbols and invoking them from memory (visualizing). It is not always possible to draw the symbols unnoticed.   Forget this rule, and risk strange looks and awkward questions. One time, in public, I used the power symbol for
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