Chakra Test: Learn more about the current state of your Chakras

Why do a Chakra Test?

Chakra balancing can be challenging, especially if a number of Chakras are out of balance. This Chakra test will give some insight into the relative strengths and weaknesses of each of your 7 Chakras.

The Chakra test consists of 35 questions, 5 for each Chakra.  Try not to over-think the answers, just choose which you feel is most appropriate.  The strength of each Chakra vary day-to-day, depending on your current condition and also be affected by other people (negative and positive), so your answers for any particular question may change.  It is worth coming back to from time-to-time to redo the Chaka test, especially after performing Chakra balancing.  Put this information to good use by balancing your Chakras: How to Open Your Chakras and Chakra Balancing

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Root Chakra: How often do you exercise?

Root Chakra: Are you well grounded?

Root Chakra: How is your health?

Root Chakra: How do you feel about your finances and work?

Root Chakra: How often do you connect with nature?

Root Chakra: How is your body image and self-esteem?

Root Chakra: How often do you feel alienated and disconnected from society?

Sacral Chakra: How’s sex?

Sacral Chakra: How good are you with feelings and emotions?

Sacral Chakra: Are you able to help people emotionally, and accept help in return

Sacral Chakra: Does your sexuality give you guilty feelings?

Sacral Chakra: How much time do you spend reconnecting to yourself and simple pleasures?

Sacral Chakra: How physically flexible are you?

Sacral Chakra: How well do you deal with change?

Navel Chakra: Do you complete your goals?

Navel Chakra: Are you assertive?

Navel Chakra: Do you feel full of energy?

Navel Chakra: Can you be relied on?

Navel Chakra: How confident do you feel?

Navel Chakra: Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?

Navel Chakra: Do people make you feel intimidated?

Heart Chakra: Are you accepting of other people?

Heart Chakra: Are you a forgiving person?

Heart Chakra: Are you empathetic?

Heart Chakra: How are your long-term relationships?

Heart Chakra: How heavy is your heart?

Heart Chakra: Do you hang on to grief and sadness?

Heart Chakra: How often do you feel a deep connection to the world?

Throat Chakra: Do you express yourself well?

Throat Chakra: Do you speak up for yourself or others?

Throat Chakra: How connected do you feel with life

Throat Chakra: Are you creative?

Throat Chakra: Do you really listen to people?

Throat Chakra: Is your speaking voice timid?

Throat Chakra: Do you have artistic ability?

Third Eye Chakra: Are you good at visualization?

Third Eye Chakra: How often do you have psychic experiences

Third Eye Chakra: How often can you remember your dreams?

Third Eye Chakra: Do you notice small details in your surroundings?

Third Eye Chakra: Do you know where you are going in life?

Third Eye Chakra: Is your mind open to new ideas?

Third Eye Chakra: How important is mysticism in your life?

Crown Chakra: How often do you meditate

Crown Chakra: Are you open to new experience and information

Crown Chakra: Are you open to different cultures and philosophies

Crown Chakra: Do you experience life beyond the physical?

Crown Chakra: Do you feel a higher presence?

Crown Chakra: Can you easily let go of past experiences?

Crown Chakra: Do you learn from your experiences?

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