Guided Root Chakra Meditation #2: How to balance your root Chakra

Root Chakra Meditation

Here is the 2nd Guided Root Chakra Meditation. Similar to Guided Root Chakra Meditation #1: Balance your root chakra, it will help you to focus on the Root Chakra and bring it into balance.

As with any meditation, preparation is essential – A few tips on Meditation Basics.

Feel free to learn and use this meditation, or use the free pre-recorded version.  The recording lasts for 20 minutes.  The guided part of the Root Chakra Meditation lasts for approximately eight minutes.  The remainder of the recording is relaxing meditation music.  You can, if you wish, end the Root Chakra Meditation at the end of the guided portion, or for the remainder of the session adopt the Root Chakra hand position and chant the mantra – Instructions for How to Open Your Chakras and Chakra Balancing.

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Please check out Guided Chakra Meditation: An easy path to balance your Chakras for more information on Brainwave Entrainment and our medical disclaimer.

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Guided Meditation Preparation:

  • Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Hold the breath for 3-4 seconds and exhale slowly.
  • Keep doing this for 5 or 6 times then allow the breath to follow a comfortable, relaxed rhythm.
  • Continue your easy breathing rhythm for a while and become more and more relaxed and peaceful.
  • Move your attention to your scalp – feel it relax.
  • Move your attention to your neck and shoulders – feel the tension disappear, allow your shoulders to drop.
  • Move your attention to your back and spine – feel the tension leaving your body.
  • Move your attention to your legs – they feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Move your attention to your – feel them become relaxed.
  • Your entire mind and body feel warm and relaxed.

Meditation Script:

Focus your attention on the base of the spine, the location of the Root Chakra – Imagine that it is a ruby red crystal, emitting a warm red and comforting glow.

You are standing in a forest, surrounded by huge ancient oak trees.  These trees look so solid, so grounded and attached to the Earth, drinking in life-giving water and energy from the soil.

You wish that you could have that same sense of connection and strength.  Sit on the forest floor, with your back against one of the solid oak trees.

Keep focusing on your Root Chakra, and imagine that it is transforming into a crystal tree root with that familiar, comforting red glow.   Feel it starting to grow downwards, searching for the Earth’s healing energy.

Keep breathing slowly and with each breath, feel your root burrowing deeper and deeper into the ground.  Your root is strong and powerful, rock is no barrier.  Feel it becoming stronger and stronger with each breath.

It is inextricably drawn down to the Earth’s core, the source of the healing energy that it craves.  The closer it gets, the more secure, strong and connected you feel.  The closer it gets, the more you feel a sense of anticipation and heat.  Your root is glowing brighter, and you feel the heat as it approaches its destination.

Finally, your root reaches the barrier of the Earth’s core.  Before proceeding further, relax for a minute with some more deep long breaths to calm your excited feeling and to allow your root to absorb as much energy as it needs.

Now it is time to proceed – Allow your root to enter into the Earth’s core and feel energy shoot up into your Root Chakra as if an electric plug has been switched on.  The feeling of being connected reverberates through your entire body and soul.  With each slow breath, feel the healing energy being drawn up to into your Root Chakra.

Open your eyes and look around the forest – each tree glows red in response to your powerful Root Chakra, this is a wonderous place, where you belong.

This is your home, stay here for as long as you like and come back as often as you need.

End of Script!

As mentioned above, if you come to the end of the guided portion of the Root Chakra Meditation, we recommend continuing the meditation with the Root Chakra Mantra and hand position.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed this Root Chakra Meditation.


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