Meditation Posture: Choose the Best and Most Comfortable Posture

Demonstration of the half lotus meditation position

Half Lotus

Half Lotus Meditation Posture

The full and half lotus are probably the most commonly used and traditional meditation posture.  They both share the benefits of stability and comfort, enabling the meditator to stay in position, with minimum stress, for any length of time.  Close to the ground, both positions are symmetrically balanced giving the feeling of being grounded.  A meditation cushion placed under the buttocks helps with stability with both half and full lotus positions

The stress-free aspect is perhaps the most important, as physical stress felt during meditation will distract the mind from the meditation.

However, both positions can be physically demanding on the legs and unless you are particularly flexible, perhaps choose a more comfortable meditation posture, such as sitting or kneeling.  I started meditation in my mid-forties and have never had enough flexibility for either lotus position.  Don’t worry; the other positions are just as effective for meditation.  Whichever position you choose, just make sure that you are can sit for the duration of the meditation, without physical discomfort. As illustrated, the half lotus requires just one foot to be lifted up.

Demonstration of the full lotus meditation position

Full lotus position

 Full Lotus Meditation Posture

The full lotus is the more stable of the two positions, but perhaps the most physically demanding.  As illustrated above, lift both feet over the opposite leg.  Both positions are beneficial to meditation, but other positions are just as effective.


Kneeling meditation posture using a stool

Kneeling Meditation

Kneeling Meditation Posture

If you wish to use a meditation posture that is close to the ground, but Full or Half Lotus positions are too strenuous, consider kneeling using a cushion, stool or meditation seat (as illustrated). For the meditation bench, the downwards angle of the seat helps to maintain a balanced posture, with a straight back.

Suitable meditation seats (such as the one illustrated (or chairs can be quite difficult to find – check out this easy construction project for a folding meditation stool.  It requires few tools and only basic woodworking skills (see illustrations).  I built the seat in the picture – If I can do it, anyone can do it 🙂

Seated meditation posture

Chair Meditation

Chair Meditation Posture

Sitting in a chair is probably the most straightforward and simplest for most meditators.  Rest your feet on the ground and keep a straight back.  A simple chair with a straight back is best with this meditation posture.


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