My Reiki Journey: Does Reiki Work?

I am sure that anyone who’s given Reiki healing has, at some point, had that nagging thought in the back of the mind – does Reiki work!  And it is entirely understandable.  There is nothing to see (unless you can view auras), the energy is very subtle, and interpretation is also down to the individual – was that tingling feeling in my hand Reiki, or something else?

After completing the 21 days cleansing self-healing period of Reiki 1, I felt pretty good and started to do hands on healing for my wife, as well as continuing self-healing.  After a while I began to lose confidence – maybe I was looking for a clear sign that things were working.  But I wasn’t convinced. I discussed this with others who’d done the first level and discovered that my feelings and experiences weren’t unique.  Does Reiki work, really is a common question. The ones that had moved on to Reiki 2 (and beyond) told me that it starts to click once you learn to use the symbols.  So, I decided to go ahead and do Reiki 2.

Does Reiki Work: Sign 1

After receiving the Reiki level 2 attunement and learning the first three symbols, we started some exercises in distance healing.  One of the techniques for distance healing involves imagining the person standing or sitting in front of you and then moving hands over the body as if they were there.     While I attended the attunement, my wife decided to go out jogging – when I got home, she immediately told me that she’d stopped running after a while because she felt something odd.  Coincidence perhaps, but according to her timing, this happened at the same moment that I was sending the Reiki energy. While not being definite proof, it was a relief to receive a positive sign.

Does Reiki Work: Sign 2

On another occasion, I went to a Reiki practice session, for symbols and mantras.  We all chose a part of our body in need of healing, and the others in the class sent distance healing.  One person requested me to send distant Reiki to their head, which  I sent using the method mentioned above – at first I felt a strong energy in my left hand, which is the right-hand side of the head looking at the imagined image. After a couple of minutes, the feeling went away, and the energy was balanced.  After finishing the healing, I was about to describe my impression, but she spoke first, describing exactly what I was about to say.  They suffered from a  headache for a day or so, and at the start of the healing had a strong feeling in right-hand side of the head, which subsided after a couple of minutes.  I was pleased to get such good feedback to the healing and also have the effect verified. Reiki 1 will give you some healing ability, but perhaps just enough to have good self-healing. Level 2 does make a difference.  I don’t need to search for any more signs. What’s the answer to the question, does Reiki work?  For me, it is a resounding, YES!

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