Reiki Self Healing: Learn to heal your body and mind with Reiki


Reiki self-healing is a unique aspect of Reiki.  How great is it that you can use Reiki energy to heal yourself as well as friends and family – or in fact, to anyone, if you want to offer Reiki healing as a service. To learn more about Reiki, read Essential Reiki.

21 Day Cleansing using Reiki Self Healing:

Reiki Level I students should do a 21 day period of Reiki self-healing before attempting to heal others.  The 21 day period gets you used to Reiki energy and its subtle variations.  If familiar with Reiki Symbols you may use these to enhance self-healing practice.

See these posts for more in depth information on Reiki attunement levels:


To start Reiki self-healing it is advised to spend 5-10 minutes practicing deep breathing, or to do a brief meditation, to get into an ideal state to accept Reiki healing power.  During the healing, it can be beneficial to listen to relaxing meditation music, and of course, to make sure that you are not disturbed for the duration of the self-healing session.

There are 12 hand positions for Reiki self-healing, 8 for the front of the body and 4 for the back.  Maintain each position for 3-5 minutes.  A full 12 position Reiki self-healing session should take between 45-70 minutes (including a 10-minute meditative warm-up).  After becoming more familiar with Reiki self-healing, you may wish to reduce the preparation/warm-up session to say 5 minutes.  Depending on which Reiki variant you study, the hand positions may vary, but these are a good representation.

There are also combinations of hand positions that are beneficial for certain medical conditions – see here for more details.

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