Hatsurei-ho: What it is and, how to do it

Joshin Kokyu-ho

Joshin Kokyu-Ho is a Reiki exercise for purifying the spirit through breathing Reiki energy into the body and is the most important part of Hatsurei-ho. The breath is important to many spiritual practices. It happens in the present moment and is great for mindfulness.

Perform Joshin Kokyu-Ho can be with hands placed palm upwards on your lap, or with arms held above the head (see Step 4: Connecting with Reiki)

  • Focus on the tanden.
  • Slowly breathe through the nose. On the inhale, draw Reiki energy down from the top of you head down to the tanden.
  • On the exhale, spread the Reiki energy out to your entire body, or even outside your body, to the whole Universe!
  • Repeat this for as long as you feel comfortable.

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