How to use the three Level 2 Reiki symbols

Reiki Symbols Usage

Each of the three Reiki symbols taught in level 2 has its nature and usage. But, there are common methods to invoke the symbols.

The symbols help to focus Reiki energy but have no power without the user having been attuned and trained in their use.

Sacred Reiki Symbols

Your Reiki master will probably request that you do not to reveal the symbols to outsiders. For this reason, consider learning the symbols and invoking them from memory (visualizing). It is not always possible to draw the symbols unnoticed.   Forget this rule, and risk strange looks and awkward questions.

One time, in public, I used the power symbol for protection and forgot to do it silently. My colleague asked what I did – passed it off as doing a mental calculation with my index finger!

Invoking the symbols

With the index finger of your dominant hand, draw the symbol in the direction in which you wish to apply Reiki energy.   Chant (or silently) invoke the symbol’s mantra, three times.  For example, if about to do Reiki healing, draw the power symbol over the recipient and chant the mantra three times.

At first, the Reiki symbols appear quite complicated to draw, especially the third one, with its many strokes. But don’t worry if you make a mistake drawing the symbol, just mentally erase it and start again.

Draw the symbol at the appropriate size. For instance, if using the Reiki power symbol to form a protective shield for a building, room or another object, imagine drawing the symbol to fill the area.

There are some variations of these Reiki symbols, taught by different Reiki masters and schools. The differences in the symbols do not have any impact on their effectiveness. There is no wrong way to draw the symbols. Do your best to represent the symbols that you’ve been taught.

The most important factor is your intention.

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