Reiki Symbols: How to use the reiki distance healing symbol


Hon Sha Ze ZHO Nan, reiki distance healing symbolThe Reiki distance healing symbol is the last symbol taught during Reiki level 2 training. Read How to use the three Level 2 Reiki symbols for an overview of all three symbols.

This symbol is perhaps the most useful of the three, as it enables Reiki healing energy to be sent to a remote recipient.  The healing can be sent remotely to yourself, to the future for helping with a future event or to the past, for healing a past problem.  All in all, the Reiki distance symbol amounts to a very versatile toolbox for healing.

The symbol, which means ‘having no present, past or future’ is used for healing and sending Reiki energy across time and space.

The Reiki distance healing symbol can be used in many ways but is always used in conjunction with the other three symbols. The symbols are invoked in reverse order, finishing with the power symbol: 3, 2, 1.  To be clear, invoking, drawing or imagining the symbol and chanting the mantra three times.

The following pages list the ways in which the Reiki distance healing symbol is used.

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