Reiki Symbols: How to use the reiki distance healing symbol

Send Reiki to the past

This technique can be used to send Reiki healing energy to an event in the past. For example, you suffered a traumatic event, which still causes problems in the present.

  • Write the following on a small note
    • Date of past event (be as specific as possible, even if you don’t remember entirely)
    • Details of event
  • Place the note in the palm of your non-dominant hand.
  • Invoke the three symbols (starting with Reiki distance healing symbol) over the paper, remembering to chant each mantra three times
  • Hold your dominant hand over the paper for 5-10 minutes

Repeat using the same piece of paper, any number of times, until you feel that the problem is healed.  When you’ve finished with the paper, remove the Reiki as follows:

  • Place the note in the palm of your non-dominant hand
  • Cut your dominant hand across the note, three times
  • Tear up and dispose of the note

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