Reiki Symbols: How to use the Reiki harmony symbol


The Reiki Harmony symbol is the second symbol taught during Reiki level 2 training, Reiki Level 2 Training: What to expect and how to prepare – For more information on Reiki symbols, check Reiki Symbols: How they enhance Reiki healing.

The symbol, related to mental and emotional balance helps to synchronize both sides of the brain and balance the mind.

The first symbol is all about power and energy and works on the physical level.  The Reiki Harmony symbol heals at a deeper level. It enables hidden emotional problems that bubble to the surface. Say He Ki, Reiki Harmony SymbolUse of the Reiki Harmony symbols strengthens the link between body and mind.

It helps with relationship problems bad habits, depression, fear anxiety and issues caused by emotional imbalance, such as overeating, drug dependence, and excessive drinking.

Use the Reiki Harmony symbol on its own for related problems or in conjunction with the other two symbols.  USUI Reiki teaches us to invoke all three symbols before healing.  Invoke the symbols in reverse order, finishing with the power symbol: 3, 2, 1.  To be clear, invoking, drawing or imagining the symbol and chanting the mantra three times.

Western Reiki practitioners think that the Reiki Harmony symbol does not stay put in position. For this reason, the power symbol is used to keep the Reiki Harmony symbol in place. Even if you have studied USUI Reiki, it is ok to use this approach.  The line between USUI traditional Japanese Western Rather is rather blurred. Once you have learned to use Reiki, use whichever approach you prefer.

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